300 Creative Dates Review: How Many Boring Dates Are You Having?

Dating, like much in life, has drastically changed with the introduction of online dating, and all its variants.

The Disney characters, or those 007s, were my references for what girl wanted, but I was far from it. The Lady didn’t meet the tramp on Tinder, and I am not a macho sophisticated spy type. I am more of the dad-bod type, and it still works with the girls.

My references for a date were:

  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Movies
  • A walk in a park

And, funny enough, I never really had to think much about my dating because I barely had second dates.

I got to 300 Creative Dates after reading a little about Michael Webb and deciding that I could also allow myself to take control of my dating game, and make it work in my favor.

My story

300 Creative Dates My Story

Growing up, I always did OK with girls. I would be brave enough to approach them, never took rejection to heart, they would go on 1 date with me, and it’ll be well. Nothing else.

Since this is the pattern that I grew up seeing around me, I thought this was the way things were supposed to be.

One day, I met this amazing girl, I took her for coffee, then movies. We went back to my apartment, we spent an amazing night together, she left in the morning to never come back. I really liked her, and I could tell she dug me too, but I couldn’t understand what was wrong.

After reading some of Michael’s stuff, I started to understand that dates say much about you and how you relate to others and, if you follow a generic style, people can take you as just one more, and it amounts to a no follow up.

I needed this to stop.

Anxiety and pressure

My work was cut out for me: Try original dating. But I was clueless! By then, I didn’t even know the 300 Creative Dates book existed. I just learned, through Michael, that innovation in dating was possible, and so I wanted to try.

However, whenever I had the girl in front of me, although I really wanted to suggest different dates, my brain will panic and I would resort to coffee or dinner. Always.

The behavior pattern would be:

  • See the girls
  • Approach her
  • Talk
  • Work an interesting date idea in my mind
  • Panic
  • Propose something generic
  • Get an answer

For the most part, they would say yes, but then I wouldn’t hear from them again.

Life is a skill, learn it!

I was done! I was tired and frustrated and I decided to face one of my biggest fears:

Read a book about dating

.300 Creative Dates Life is a skill, learn it

I felt as if I had to know this by birth, you know? As if I was a failure because I didn’t know how to wine and dine a lady. Accepting that I needed to read about it cost me a lot of courage, but it paid big!

Michael’s work was familiar to me at this stage, and I knew 300 Creative Dates existed. I read some reviews and noticed how many guys said similar things about it. So, I decided to buy it and give it a go.

As I went through the pages and remembered those reviews I read, I found not only amazing ideas to charm the girls, but also to be more open and fun. I couldn’t believe many of the ideas, and how those things were “allowed” as if there were rules set in stone dictating what can and can’t be done on dates.

It gave me permission to be freer, more spontaneous. And having these ideas at hand, already structured, gave me more control over the situation, so I was more comfortable, and the girl was more comfortable too.

There was excitement about the unusual dates they were having, but they were great, it was not predictable.

Spontaneity is overrated

Listen, I have nothing against being spontaneous, actually, with 300 Creative Dates, I became more like this. But there is so much pressure to “Just let it be” or suddenly jump on a hot air balloon, and sometimes we don’t have access to that.

Being constantly spontaneous is overrated and is also unsustainable.

300 Creative Dates Spontaneity is overrated

Rather, when you get started in improving your dates, maybe follow the ideas one by one, and then combine them, and just see where it goes.

But you don’t have to put yourself under a lot of pressure mapping out an extraordinary date starting from scratch. All the job is done for you, you just need to take over.

The beauty of this all is that, once you know exactly how the evening is going to unfold, without following a predictable pattern that makes people lose interest, you can focus more on bringing more of yourself to the date and helping her open up as well.

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The guide

This great book is very simple, and that is why I dared to write a review. Once you buy the book, you get it in your inbox, you can start getting ideas immediately and connecting dots as to why your dating skills maybe were not that polished.

Also, Michael included some interesting approaches on how to ask a girl out, how to behave during, and after, the date, and some fun extras.

300 Creative Dates The Guide

  • Stop breaking your head, the work has been done for you
  • Improve your social skills
  • Learn how to make people with you feel more comfortable
  • Break free from the boring dates cycle

300 Creative Dates Review 2

How it worked for me

The biggest wins were

  • More confidence
  • Less stress on planning
  • More freedom to be me
  • Stop dreading dating
  • My girlfriend

Let’s talk about one of these: STOP DREADING DATING.

300 Creative Dates

Through social networks, I’ve had a revolving door of repetitive boring dates, not culminating in much. Dating then, became exciting mainly for the prospect of the person, but not for the event, which is a big part of it, and I started feeling bored about the whole: “I have to wine and dine…”

It all changed, it became fun, I started trying new things, and people were actually looking forward to hanging out with me.

First, I followed Michael’s ideas point by point. Then, I started allowing myself to explore my own ideas following Michael’s advice, and I just couldn’t understand why I didn’t allow myself to do this before!

How it worked for her

My girlfriend recalls how it was fun for her, how she got to see a side of me that she felt was honest and natural because it was. So, the excitement of the situation of our dates and the fun she had, made her come back and look forward to it.

She, also, saw the opportunity of incorporating her ideas, her style, her fun, and so our dates became our ideas of fun together, and it was amazing. Instead of following a social formula that clearly doesn’t work for everyone, we were following our formula and that made it special.

The advice I found in the guide allowed me to connect with her further, and make

her feel more comfortable and open. She would start sharing more, and so we had more to talk about while enjoying whatever we were doing.

That is, of course, if talking was needed at all.

300 Creative Dates Review

Why do it?

I know no one that has been taught how to date by anyone. Maybe how to flirt, or some etiquette, but dating, no one.

People assume it is something that you should inherently know as if dating was universal. Some cultures don’t even have the concept of dating.

Dating is a man-made concept that changes through time and needs to be adapted to. Michael does a great job bringing ideas together, ideas that pertain in this time and age and will make a great difference in your life.

  • It will help you be more confident
  • It will help you connect better
  • Dating will become fun, not a ritual
  • Bring the best out of you
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Give yourself permission to have fun

300 Creative Dates

It’s really a no-brainer.

What else is there?

After you buy the guide and you get it in your inbox, you will also get:

  • The Romantic’s Guide
  • The Newlywed’s Guide to a Happy Marriage

Both, also dig into stuff that people just assume that everyone should have figured out, but we barely learn about them.

Listen, if you knew that your girl is reading a book on how to give you better sex, would you hold it against her? Of course not!

It is a great deal that someone will actually learn the time to learn how to do something better, to please you and make things better for both. This is IT for you!

Is this for you?

  • Are you married, or in a relationship, and think things are getting monotonous?
  • Are you single and dating but not many second, or third, dates?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book will help you get out of your comfort zone, little by little, and bring a new spark into your romantic life.

300 Creative Dates Is this for you

Final thoughts

Get better, man! Do yourself a favor and learn a new perspective on dating. Worst case scenario? You will date better!

Is it really that simple? Yes! That is why I decided to write this review because it is crazy simple.

Happy dating!

300 Creative Dates Final thoughts

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