500 Intimate Questions For Couples Review: Are You Asking These?

500 Intimate Questions For Couples Review

500 Intimate Questions For Couples

Hey, there. I’m writing this review to share my experience with this amazing book. I have been married for 7 years now, about to have my first child.

I remember I decided to buy this book not because we were in trouble, I felt my marriage was going well, I got it because I felt that there was something missing, that maybe I could do more.

When you have been married for more than 5 years, the routine starts to be extremely noticeable. It is very easy to fall into the “how was your day” dynamic, and just leave the deep, sharing, moments for when they spontaneously come up.

We start to take each other for granted, without knowing. I don’t think most couples take themselves for granted on purpose, who would want to fall on that on purpose?

Still, I knew something was missing, not wrong, just missing.

Accepting the truth

500 Intimate Questions For Couples Accepting the truth

Once, in a party, a friend of mine was talking about his marriage and how things had been improving in the last few months. His secret? He was doing the 500 Intimate Questions For Couples with his wife.

When I first heard this, I thought: What a loser! Having to go to a book in order for him to know how to relate with his wife. But then, as he went on with the details of his improvement, I could relate to many of the issues and became curious about it.

Why look for help

500 Intimate Questions For Couples Why look for help

We rarely think about socializing and improving our relationships as things that can be addressed by books. We are expected to naturally know how to deal with people and have successful interactions, but the reality is that, for the most part, we don’t know how to do this instinctively.

There are hundreds of books on how to have a conversation and keep it going, or how to introduce yourself in a party, etc.

I was one of the shy ones, believing that going to a book for relationship advice was for losers, but here is the thing.

Whatever I had been doing with my wife, and all the women before her, I was doing out of the blue, naturally, without thinking much. But there is always room for improvement.

It’s not common to learn:

  • How to make a woman feel comfortable
  • How vulnerability turns them on
  • How to build trust

No one teaches us this, not even our families for the most part.

I knew something was missing, and I thought maybe this was it.

500 Intimate Questions For Couples

500 Intimate Questions For Couples

So, I went and read some reviews, took a look into the website, read everything Michael Webb had to say and thought this could be a great opportunity to improve my dynamics in my marriage.

I was not about “improving my marriage” but rather, bring more fun and openness to our conversations.

Also, I loved the money back policy, Michael is so confident in his product.

So, I buy 500 Intimate Questions For Couples, get it as a PDF in my inbox, with the bonus material I’ll talk about later, and start reading.

For the most part, I am one to jump right into action whenever I have an idea or just want to do anything. But this was an important project in uncharted territory, I would have to learn more, so I read the book first.

Some questions, especially after you pass the 100 marks, were so intimate, I was intimidated by the thought of having to ask this to my wife, and then it hit me: It can’t be that I feel so shy around her, we are married, this shouldn’t be happening.

This is when I finally understood that this eBook had been a great investment.

Breaking habits

500 Intimate Questions For Couples Breaking habits

One of Michael’s recommendations, in the book, is that you take time and follow the order. He recognizes that not every couple has an intimacy level that will allow to immediately start sharing deep, intimate, stuff.


500 Intimate Questions For Couples Review


Also, maybe you do have this trusting relationship, but the fact that you start asking this questions can still strike up as news, so then, it could be better to start from the beginning so that the tone is set, and people feel comfortable.

I decided to start from the beginning, but not tell her exactly what I was doing.

So, during the day, I would memorize 3-5 questions, and just ask them before bed. I found a way to connect them, and it came as a natural conversation. Oh, she was so happy, I actually had to distribute the questions throughout the day, after the first week.

If I asked during the night, she would talk, a lot, and it could go for hours.

Texting became incorporated. When it was a lunch break, I’ll start texting, ask, and started learning new things about her that maybe I had noticed in the past, but I didn’t really know how to call them or relate to them.

After 3 days, the first spark of curiosity for my new interest came up in conversation. We didn’t talk much that night, we focused on something else.

Sense of intimacy

500 Intimate Questions For Couples Sense of intimacy

In my mind, even though we were not expecting at the time, my wife is my family, and we are there to support each and keep each other good company, and love each other, for the rest of our lives. But, I also have a man side that wants to have fun and be treated like a man sometimes, instead of only the husband.

I was very afraid to share this sort of stuff with her, but I didn’t know.

As we went deeper and deeper with the questions, and I was giving honest answers, and she as well, I started noticing that:

  • I didn’t know much about her
  • She didn’t know much about me
  • We were more open than we imagined
  • We were feeling more comfortable

As you follow the progression in the eBook, you will start generating a space of trust and a dynamic of sharing and opening up with each other. This is very important for them.

She has a sexual side too, but for her, most of her life, she was not allowed to bring it out, and so she became shy. As one asks away, things start getting unveiled, and then she starts sharing what she really wants, then you will know the map to please her.

The questions in the book, most of them, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with by myself. They are really interesting and make you reflect on your own ideas and how you are relating to your girlfriend or wife.

Start asking the 500 Intimate Questions For Couples, and you’ll love all the things you’ll discover about your partner while bringing you two closer together than ever before!

Why does it work

 500 Intimate Questions For Couples Why does it work

  • It’s gradual
  • It’s honest
  • Builds on trust
  • Creates acceptance

The last point is very important. As we went on with the book, and she was sharing with me, I was amazed to learn how kinky she really was, but she didn’t really feel the trust to be that with me.

As I became more accepting of this side of her, we became more open to trying new things in bed, and she asked me whatever you needed, sexually. It was great.

However, and be warned, don’t buy this book if you will not accept her. If she is sharing a naughty secret with you and you will feel offended, or shame her, then keep away from this book.

But, if you are ready to please her, to fulfill her desires, to let her open her secrets to you, then go ahead and get this amazing eBook. You will be surprised by the things you will learn about her, and how easily, with this progression, you will get to the secrets of her pleasure.

I want to know that my wife is getting her pleasure from me. That whatever she needs in bed, I can supply, and do it well.

I am telling you, we had never been better.

How does it work

As mentioned in the review, 500 Intimate Questions For Couples contains especial questions to ask your loved one, but also it contains a progression. This progression builds trust, trust helps with honesty, and so you will be getting honest answers.

When people are being honest, they are looking for acceptance. You don’t need to agree, or like, everything you will find out, but just accepting it for what it is, is good.

I say this because, regardless of how conservative you are in your personal values, sex is an important part of marriage. If you are reading reviews about 500 Intimate Questions For Couples, then it means you are looking to improve, and this offers exactly that.

If my wife, out of the blue, would have told me how much she likes certain stuff that I don’t normally do, or shared about a thing or two that she always wanted to experience but never had the courage to ask, I would have been taken by surprise.

But because of the progression, things came up more naturally, still surprising, but in a good way.

As we became more accepting of each other’s kinks, we became more fun, and we started sharing more interesting intimate moments.

Sometimes, we couldn’t even finish our night talk because she would dim the lights, and change the topic.

We were reconnecting amazingly.

101 Romantic Ideas

500 Intimate Questions For Couples 101 Romantic Ideas

Besides the eBook with the questions, you also get bonus material when you buy the book. One of them is this masterpiece: 101 Romantic Ideas.

I consider myself a good person and husband. Whenever there is a special date, I would remember and take her for dinner, movies, or a trip: What everyone else does!

Or, I give her practical gifts, things she can use in her daily life. That’s the way I think, and those are the gifts I like. She never asked for more, but when I started taking these ideas into the real world, she was more than happy.

Getting flowers had more meaning, dinners became special, we were more spontaneous. I learned to gift experiences and feelings, instead of just a thing. Dinner is not the important thing, the important thing is the conversation, the time you spend together, the atmosphere, etc.

Through this book, I was able to connect the dots.

After doing some ideas I thought was great, and most of them gave amazing results. I noticed I could come up with great ideas myself now. So, I learned how to be more romantic, and then I was able to translate it to my reality, and here we are.

The other books

Besides 500 Intimate Questions For Couples and 101 Romantic Ideas, you get a PDF with 53 sexy coupons and another PDF eBook on how to Give Great Massages to your Partner.

I have struggled in the massage department, but she actually took the book, learned from it, used me to practice every day, and it was glorious. Happy endings included from time to time, it couldn’t get better.

The coupons, she gets one every so often. I don’t want it to become a routine. For example, when we are doing a romantic idea, or on special dates, or when she least expects it. We get to share amazing moments together.

She found out

One day, by mistake, she found the eBook open in my computer, copied to hers, and started reading.

Because of the level of trust we had developed, she came clean some days later, confessed, and she was so happy I had done that.

I explained to her that, well, my creativity, when it came to improving things, was limited, and that I was doing it like this because the ideas and material were good and helpful. She completely understood.

She found my project so good, she took part in it to make it even better.

Intimacy dates

500 Intimate Questions For Couples Intimacy dates

We have developed a space to communicate and bring out the best of us by communicating in an intimate way.  Every time we went out, she would prepare questions and things started to be flow better.

I know this was my project, and I loved it, but, when she took over. Things became so much easier.

We were more comfortable, she started asking for things in bed she wouldn’t ask before, I wanted to experiment something and it almost always happened, it was amazing.

Take a step in the right direction


500 Intimate Questions For Couples Take a step in the right direction


If you are feeling a little lost in your relationship, if you think that things are getting distant or cold, or if your relationship is actually well, and you just want to make it better, 500 Intimate Questions For Couples could work wonders for you.

Sometimes, we imagine things that we don’t really know if they are true or not, but we act on them because we are afraid of actually asking and finding out the truth. But if you ask, for the most part, you will find that “the problem” is actually simpler than you think.

500 Intimate Questions For Couples PDF contains questions made by real people, in healthy progressive order, that will help you guys open up and get closer together.

Other benefits

  • Improved, daily life, communication
  • More trust
  • Better intimate connection
  • More fun
  • Comfort in the relationship

When we were done with the 500 questions, I noticed we were able to discuss almost any topic with more ease, and knowing that the other person was actually listening.

Because things were more easily shared among us, I stopped finding hidden resentment, or untreated anger. Rather, she learned how I like to deal with emotions, and she took it to action. Now it works better.

Sex has never been better. We have so much freedom in bed, with each other. I am now, fully certain, that I please her, I learned from her, and I followed her advice.

Final thoughts

 500 Intimate Questions For Couples

It is perfectly fine to not know by default how to improve your relationship with your woman. No one teaches that, and for many of us, it is like a maze.

Looking for help to improve your relationship is completely valid, starting with this eBook can be a great advance on getting your relationship to that great new stage.

Sex is not only about physical pleasure; the mind plays a huge part in it. If we know how to stimulate the mind of our loved one, make her feel comfortable, accepted, and loved, she will be open to try almost anything and come back looking for more

Don’t buy subscriptions to courses that turn out to be a scam to be constantly getting your money, better, to buy a book, that gives you tools to, independently, improve your situation and make her happy.

Give it a go, she will be very happy.


500 Intimate Questions For Couples Review


Click here to learn how to ask the 500 Intimate Questions For Couples, and make your relationship much more honest, open, happy, and loving today!

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  • Lauren says:

    My husband and I grew apart but after I tried out this program, we have been better as ever. We could get past on our mistakes and look forward to our future.

  • I have been generally shy with my husband when it comes to asking these intimate questions. However with this amazing program, I was able to talk to him like never before. He noticed this and loved the program as well. Recommended it to other couples that I know of 🙂

  • Bolton says:

    Taking this 500 intimate quiz has made me and my partner understand each other better and now we know the small things that we were not aware of each other before. This has really brought us closer than before and all thanks to this amazing program. I would also recommend it to other couples for a happy living.

  • David C. Smith says:

    Now, I understand my partner as a person better than ever. Thanks to these 500 questions, we have developed great intimacy and love for each other.

  • Earl Lewis says:

    We have no problems in our marriage. Still, I read this book. After that, I realized there could be more in our relationship. Now we both believe we are the happiest and perfect couple. I really appreciate this book.

  • Joanna Landry says:

    These questions helped us as a couple and I am sure they will help others improve their relationship and make it stronger. You get to know each other better and in an intimate way.

  • Todd says:

    Marriage life doesn’t mean to be boring and getting used to each other. But after five or six years later, we made our marriage life boring without any intention of that. It is so great to have this guide to keep a magic in our relationship and remove the boringness from our married life.

  • Willard Westfield says:

    The fine thing about this book is that it gives you so an extraordinary number of worries that there must be something in there that each individual will jump at the chance to ask however they have never considered, one other awesome factor about the book is that he made the inquiries applying his own insight and by conversing with perusers of his pamphlet so you know the worries ought to positively be alright.

  • Willie Cagle says:

    This is a collection of information that is vital on relationships and couples. It has been written with the intention of helping couples build intimacy in their relationship and become stronger together. This book has questions that are essential for couples and has been written in a way that simple and easy to understand.

  • Thomas says:

    This review of “500 Intimate Questions for Couples” covers the important aspects that you need to know about the product before you make a decision on whether you wish to buy it or not. It is important that you understand the pros and cons of products before investing your money and time and to ensure that you get what is promised. It can be an uphill task because of the numerous products that are available online today and it can be confusing to know which of these are actually good.

  • Yvonne Hernandez says:

    This review of “500 Intimate Questions for Couples” covers the important aspects that you need to know about the product before you make a decision on whether you wish to buy it or not. It is important that you understand the pros and cons of products before investing your money and time and to ensure that you get what is promised. It can be an uphill task because of the numerous products that are available online today and it can be confusing to know which of these are actually good.

  • Vernon Ibarra says:

    The questions are practical and useful for couples in all stages of a relationship. It is easy to get creative with the ways you can ask these.

  • Margaret J. says:

    The couple who are waiting to have sex after the marriage has questions they can share before getting intimate, that is during courtship and after they have been intimate, definitely on the honeymoon.

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