Bad Boy Formula Review: Do Girls Really Love Those Bad Boys?

Let’s face it, Women are hard to read. They mostly give mixed signals which are difficult for us to crack the code. Have you ever heard a woman say, ‘Be yourself, I prefer men who are nice’? But then, you see the girl with another man who gives off an impression of a bad boy.

Bad Boy Formula

I bet you hear stories from men, ranting about one of the most popular phrases girls use, ‘I only see you as a friend’ while they were ‘making the moves’ on her. I can understand how frustrating that is, you showered her with your affection, time, and money but she still won’t like you, the way you do.

Why? Why does she pick a guy who isn’t the type that gives her attention? Who is overly confident of himself? And probably only use her as a pass time? Well, you don’t know that for sure but take note, Most women pick the man who gives them a challenge.

It’s the same as eating the same meal for a year. You get used to the same taste and feel sick of it but if you consume a wide array of meals, you will look forward to exploring the new flavors you haven’t been exposed to before.

What does it mean? Girls want a bad boy to sweep her off her feet, she wants continuous adventures and life-changing decisions. To take risks and be bold. She doesn’t want to play in the rules, and instead, break it.

To put it simply, she wants to bring out her wild side and a personality which most people cannot imagine she possesses. What better way to come out of her shell with a person who encourages her to do so?

But do you know what a girl sees as a perfect guy? It’s when a guy can have a good and bad side at the same time! Before I go further with this, we should know why you’re in the friend zone.

Bad Boy Formula friend zone

Reasons You’re ‘Just a Friend’

1. You’re too nice
If you’re the type of guy who gives in to her needs, who stays silent, who does not speak out his opinions, and lets her have the freedom to do anything she wants, all of this just to be on her good side.
Man, that’s a bad move.
Sooner, or later, she will feel suffocated with your presence. She will lose interest because you are not ‘challenging’ enough.

2. You’re still a stranger
Imagine, you just met a girl and got to know her for an hour. You asked her to start a relationship with you and you received a rejection. This can be a perfect example of how a girl feels when she gets acquainted with a guy, she knows little of.
Some women want to know more of the person she’s talking to, the kind of guy you are. I mean, who wants to interact with someone you might dislike in the long wrong? Definitely, not me!

3. You’re not her type
You tried every little thing which you think will make her happy but we can’t do anything if she doesn’t feel any chemistry if she feels it will never work out.
Don’t force her to like you because it will get worse to the point of deleting you on social media sites, and contact list.

4. She sees you as a close friend
Some women choose to friend zone a guy because she genuinely only wants friendship. If the romantic relationship doesn’t work out, you two will grow apart which is horrifying, she will regret even entertaining your feelings.

5. She likes someone else
She might be in love with another person or she has not got over with her past relationship. Give her time to think and support her all the way!

Bad Boy Formula She likes someone else

The Bad Boy Formula

Now that you’re aware of the possible reasons the girl you want doesn’t approve of getting your relationship further to the romantic field. What should we do now? Well, we can counterattack it and make her like you again! How?!

A professional romantic guru, Carlos Xuma created the ‘Bad Boy Formula‘ for you! In order for men not to feel dejected and hopeless ever again but it will take a while for you to master the techniques and skills but don’t worry, it will soon pay off.

Remember how I told you how people stereotype a ‘bad boy’ negatively? Well, let me say it isn’t at all true. Some men can be jerks and aggressive but there’s another meaning of what a ‘bad boy’ is.

Women are more likely to get attracted to men who give off a bad boy persona. It means, they like men who know how to approach them when it comes to dating. The man understands what the woman wants.

Carlos Xuma is a fellow man who got rejected the same way you did and in order to stop the cycle again, he asked other professionals on the secret behind the desires of a girl. This is what ‘Bad Boy Formula’ focuses on, we know about the relation of a man and a woman. Sex is a vital role in making the relationship work and a bad boy knows how to make the girl continue to desire him with minimal effort.

Now, the Bad Boy Formula’s sales skyrocket immediately after it was published.

Become The Bad Boy That Gets All The Girls He Wants – Or The Dream Girl You Want, By Clicking Here Today To Start Using The Bad Boy Formula!

Bad Boy Formula website


  • Lots of information – Insights of the power of attraction is enough to be fully knowledgeable of the topic but there are more the program offers like how a woman manipulates men, the importance of flirting, etc.
  • Application of techniques – The program will be more effective if you could apply the techniques while interacting with women. So, the case study helps men have ideas on how to attract a woman without seeming to be desperate.
  • Cheap price – Low price and high-quality product


  • Time-consuming – Since the program includes various of e-books, videos, and audio books. It will take time for you to finish this. I do not recommend on watching it in one sitting because you will have an overload of information. It’s recommendable to take one module per day or more, it depends on your preference.

I have read reviews on how the information and techniques in the materials were overwhelming and helpful. The positive reviews pushed me into buying the product. I found the effectiveness of the skills presented is truly worth praising.

A particular review from a man in North Carolina stated the importance of owning this, he said the program has saved him from awkward conversations and heartbreaks.

Bad Boy Formula Cons


The Package includes:

  • ‘Lock and load’
    • This focuses on practicing the needed techniques in awakening your inner bad boy persona. It is the most important module out of all the products.
  • Attraction Psychology
    • In this module, it covers the theories in a woman’s mind and the need to pay attention to her body language. Also, to give off a confident attitude which girls find sexy.
  • Myths of the Bad Boy
    • A majority of the population has a certain stereotype on bad boys. So, this module aims to debunk these beliefs. In turn, you would obtain a broad perspective of what a bad boy really is.
  • SWAT Tactics
    • Carlos Xuma doesn’t want you to eliminate your good boy persona, but instead, fuse together the good and bad. Most people think you can either be one of the personas when you can have both and be the ‘Perfect ideal man’ women wants.
  • The Lifestyle of a Bad Boy
    • Okay, I’m pretty sure the way of living of a bad and good boy is different in terms of your outlook in life (and women). You’ll get to see a glimpse of what a bad boy focuses more, to be more carefree and do what you please.
  • Reference Manuals
    • This module is a guide to the materials, more information, and findings which are based on research.


  • Audiobook
    • A perfect addition to your collection especially when you don’t have time to read or watch the other materials. You can listen to this on-the-go and it also has an MP3 format.
  • Bad Boy Case Studies
    • This is where you observe some clips to see the signs and symptoms of a bad boy and to learn from it. Definitely, a must if you want to learn how exactly to impress a girl.

Bad Boy Formula Bad Boy Case Studies


If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t have any idea how to impress a girl, I highly recommend this product. Carlos Xuma’s, The ‘Bad Boy Formula’ has given hope to men and you can be one of them! You should buy the formula until it lasts and at such a low price, you’ll get to learn thrice more the amount you paid for.

I can’t help but continue to boast how it has changed me, I now have an idea on the meaning behind a girls touch and what she really wants. It has shown me how to be a bad guy while maintaining my good guy character and to finally have a relationship that continues to burn.

Bad Boy Formula Review Do Girls Really Love Those Bad Boys

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  • Scroth, Adam says:

    ever seen a guy who made it through high school and college without a love and sex life? Look no further. The jocks and famous guys always had the best girls. I knew that I was down for the count. Stumbling upon this, it actually gave me a new light and hope. I will buy this guide and see how it turns out.

  • Bryan says:

    I’ve tried different things and all have given little to extremely moderate results, I am seeing some things here I haven’t found anywhere else, might as well give them a shot. Thank you!

  • Myron says:

    I tried to make my best female friend fall in love with me for a year, but no avail. After learning the information in this package, I finally broke the friendzone! We are in a relationship now 🙂

  • Cesar Riggins says:

    Women like decent men but they want you to be naughty and bad too (only for them). Good to know that the creators of this product understand this!

  • Maggie Frampton says:

    It’s true, girls go crazy for bad boys. As a result, the good guys get overlooked. This program gives them a fighting chance and I highly recommend they take it. Especially because it shows them how to be a bad boy without actually adopting the bad habits that bad boys have.

  • Wilma G says:

    This is a formula i have used and found it effective. Who told you cannot get a bad boy that you have always wanted? I have been looking for one for a long time. This guide provided me with the exact things i should do to get myself a bad boy. Trust me i already have one.

  • Lisa Oyler says:

    Found this and bought it as a gift for my older brother as a joke! Because he’s too nice! Now he takes home a different girl on a bi weekly. This is amazing!!!

  • Elena Brumbelow says:

    Hey, all men out there who are afraid of unleashing their ‘bad’ side and being dangerous and challenging, your time has come. This book is phenomenal and I can tell you because I am a woman. And the point listed here, ahem! exactly what we want. I can guarantee you your next relationship will be your next big adventure.

  • Kyle Peterson says:

    Introduced as a formula for attracting and seducing women, The Bad Boy Formula shows men how to do it with the “correct” bad boy approach. He states that this can be done in two steps: by eliminating some of the nice guy behaviors that turn women off and developing an edge that turns women on. The formula explains the difference between being a natural bad boy and being an alpha bad boy.
    It offers psychological techniques used by bad boys and the affect they have on a woman’s mind in creating the desired obsessive attraction. It also teaches men how to identify a “jerk” situation and use it to their advantage.

  • Ruby says:

    Bad boy formula is an interesting program which is designed by a dating expert and knows the methods by which men can approach women easily. It is the perfect choice for those who find it difficult to approach to their loved ones. Most of the people think that bad guys are more likely to date women who are hot and energetic but this is not possible in every scenario. The reason that women are more attracted to dominant and muscular men is that they dont want to wait for the perfect guy and get into a relationship which cannot last forever

  • Henry Kaufman says:

    As a dude i cannot really explain how good this system has been to me. It has helped me see many things and be able to get what i want. It teaches so many things men need to know. It is good.

  • Francisco says:

    I did not know where were such tricks. And what makes the whole difference is how they work. The guide gives some very clear tips that anyone can be able to use and get real results.

  • Dorothy Keller says:

    It is all about getting the right tips and methods. One thing i have been able to find out is that there is no where to find tips of this nature. It is incredible what is offered here.

  • Ella says:

    Tells you how to cut past your own inner “Nice Guy” softness so that you can truly speak your mind and be respected for your openness and “I don’t care what you think of me” attitude.

  • Paul says:

    Bad boy formula is full of solutions which can solve each of your problem. Being a bad boy is not difficult and after watching the Bad boy formula course, you will start to expose the hidden characteristics which were there in your personality already.

  • Walter says:

    You’ll have to toughen your exterior a little to become the desire of women, but after watching the Bad Boy Formula box set, you’ll find it is not a massive change to the person you are now.

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