Calling Men Review: What You Need To Know Before You Call Him

If your current relationship status is, “Single and ready to date”, then you are definitely on the roll.  Let’s say you found your dream man while looking to date. Both of you seem to be happily ever after in your new budding relationship. Feelings like everything is so good, lovely and amazing, keeps popping up, every now and then.

Now that you’ve crossed the first phase, the next part comes is to be sure about the guy you are dating. Ask yourself below question before moving on to the next level:

Is the guy I’m dating is really interested in me or he is just looking for a casual physical relationship?”

If you find that he is madly in love with you, then it’s time to celebrate. You’ve successfully crossed the initial dating test and now both of you tend to get closer emotionally and mentally.

So now you feel little bit compatibility and decided to take your relationship further. Both of you have exchanged numbers and the love ride has begun.

Ah! This is the time when your expectations from a relationship will build up and certain questions will continuously linger your mind like:

Is it alright to express my feeling first by calling him?”

Should I call/text him first”?

What he will interpret if I take the initiative?”

The obvious answer to all your anxiety related to your dating relationship is: Calling Men book by Mini Tanner.

Calling Men Program

What Calling Men book is all about?

When you are dating a guy, you know what you feel about him but what you are still not completely sure about his feelings.

You’ve taken all steps to find your Mr. Right and want to have 100% control over your dating life.

In this scenario, all you need is to read, “Calling Men” book by Mini Tanner. She is an expert author who has written so many books on dating as well as relationships.

Mini Tanner is a true mentor for women when it comes to teaching women the art of keeping her man, with her.

A true magnum opus and a relationship guide dedicated to dating, the book teaches every woman on how to deal with the most frustrating problems faced in the dating world.

In your dating relationship, often, you wonder about things like:

What to do if he stops calling?”

What not to do first?”

The book by Mimi Tanner will give you step-by-step tips on what you need to know before calling him. It’s a complete relationship guide on flirting with men through calls and text messages.

In her great masterpiece, she has written some good things on how to communicate with a man when you are dating someone so that it will bring more affection, intimacy, and understanding between the two.

The book is a complete set of tips and techniques on ways to handle calls, emails and text messages that will get a man to fall and stay in love with you.

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How does it work?

In this book, the main goal of Mimi Tanner is to get women out from dating world’s most frustrating problem.  The book clears their confusions about when you should call or not call men.The book is a comprehensive guide which will make you understand the type of communication he wants to listen to. Usually in a relationship, it does not matter WHAT you say but HOW you say definitely makes a difference.

The type and quality of communication you have with the love of your life is what drives your relationship ahead. It either makes or breaks the relationship so it’s the most integral part of any dating relationship.

What you get?

Calling Men is definitely a best piece of work that gives you complete guidelines on how to communicate with your man through calls or text. Apart from this, the book also gives you valuable tips on how to discover what’s going on in your man’s mind whenever you make a blunder in calling, emailing and texting.
As a result of this book, you’ll improve a lot on your communication etiquettes with him and act and react in the way he wants. In this book, you’ll discover plenty of other things like:

  • How to tackle calls, emails, and messages so that he wants you more?
  • What he thinks about the woman calling him when he is not giving a call to her?
  • What goes through his mind when you call him?
  • How to make him fall in love with you through the way you handle his calls and emails?
  • When you constantly initiate the call, why to put yourself in a lower power position & feel inferior?
  • The comprehensive guidelines on improving your conversational skills and seducing a man with a message
  • When and how you benefit from not calling him?
  • Pro tips on how to keep him attracted towards you
  • What are the exact and real reasons that why men don’t call?
  • What if he hasn’t called you since many days and now suddenly gets around?
  • How to handle your relationship if he starts ignoring you?
  • What you can do to influence his feelings?
  • How to get him addicted more to you just by the manner you reply to his calls and messages

And everything you need to take control of your dating life…

How to get it?

To buy Calling Men book, you don’t have to visit any book store as it’s an e-book in a PDF format which you’ll get once you finish the payment. You can then save this book to your computer and it will be with you forever.

The book contains a lot of advice and instructions on communicating effectively to the man you are dating so that he wants you more.

If you are not happy with the book, you will also get a 60-day money back guarantee but I’m sure that you are definitely going to like it. It’s an eye-opener for women, wanting to step ahead in the dating world.

If you’ve any questions about the book, you can also contact their customer support team.


  • The book clearly teaches you with a step-by-step guide on tackling a communication with man through calls, messages, and emails so that he is more attracted to you
  • “Calling Men” reveals the secrets of having an effective communication through phone, for longevity and success of a relationship
  • The program gives you tips about how to make guys chase after you, and not the other way round
  • Mimi Tanner’s masterpiece comes with detailed information on how to take control of your dating life
  • 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the book


  • The book is only available in electronic format
  • The program requires a full dedication, concentration and focus from your end
    Calling Men Program

Calling Men Review – the conclusion:

When it comes to relationships, we all know communication plays an important role and is very crucial. Without it, it’s very difficult to survive in any relationship. Whenever you listen to your friend’s or colleagues break-up story, you’ll come to know that they broke up because of miscommunication.

The book takes you on the practical journey of having an effective communication in relationships. Mimi Tanner has beautifully described the style of communication needed, especially when you are dating someone.

If you learn the art of dealing with calls, messages, and emails of your man, then you’ve perfectly hit the bull’s eye. After all, the main motive of any dating relationship is to make your man fall for you again and again.

Because of the effective advice the book has to offer, it is highly recommended to all women out there who are looking to take control of their dating life.

The book gives them the ability to confidently tackle men through texting, emailing and calling in both the short and the long run.

The book thoroughly teaches you dos and don’ts of phone calls, messages, and emails. It gives you a clear picture on how to talk to a man in a way that brings you both closer, thereby further nurturing your relationship.

To sum up, I personally loved reading the book and now I’m confident of trying myself in dating a guy of my dreams. The book is very professional and superbly advises a woman on what to do and what not to do in situations with a man on the phone.

The book amazingly teaches you the way your guy thinks before you call him. Don’t read any more “Calling Men” reviews and give it a try by yourself.

So the next time,  before you call or text him, read this book by Mimi Tanner and recommend it to a friend who is looking for a date.

Feel free to give your review on “Calling Men” in below comments.

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  • Lisa Bowersox says:

    You can know exactly proper ways to tackle all situations that you might encounter with men. In reality, communication is the heart of love. So, your own communication with a man will drive your relationship and make your relationship either less or more successful.

  • Nancy M. Frias says:

    This is out of this world. I have never seen something of its kind anywhere. At first I thought it would be some incomplete, scam material. To my surprised this system is so comprehensive and straight to the point like nothing I have seen before. Gives information that is based on facts and actually worked for me.

  • Rebecca Knudson says:

    I needed this guide badly. It helped me a lot when I was so confused about my date. I had no idea what and how to start. It helped me step by step. I am so grateful to this guide.

  • Reginald Troche says:

    A miscommunication can be the biggest problem in any relationship, even it can break the relation. Most of the girls cannot figure out what and how they should talk with the persons they like or love. Now they have a proper book to guide them correctly.

  • Melvin Vance says:

    Allow the process in this to transform you into the person you know you can become. As a man, I benefited greatly from the activities and learned more about myself and my habits then through other self-help courses.

  • Moten says:

    Ladies, this is a system that has so much that you cannot of think of. If you are looking for a way to understand him and know him deeper then this is the system to go for. The guide has provided me with the most effective and simple to follow methods.

  • John Cervantes says:

    Calling men basically focuses on making your life free of pain along with a solution for whether you should call men or not. The tips which are explained inside this book will make you gain complete control over your relationship and it has helped thousands of women to understand men.

  • Debra S. says:

    A comprehensive review of Calling Men on the site indicates that this e-guide provides women with many tips to enhance their self-confidence fast.

  • Pamela Steele says:

    Calling Men provides you a guideline on how to communicate with your man via calls or text. It provides you with a way to track your communication behavior with your man to see how often you are in touch with him, who initiates the communication the most, what communication style will work best for both of you.

  • Richard Toups says:

    Matters that men will gladly talk about with people who are not you. Men too are human beings and there are things they would talk to you about, things they would wish to talk to you about but can’t and things they would totally never tell you.

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