How To Respark The Romance Review: What are the secrets of romance?

I have been married for years. Out of experience, I realized that it is easy for the embers of romance to die unless they are stoked by the parties to the relationship. Romance is like a spark that ignites the fire of love between the couple.

The art of romance has intrigued mankind since the beginning of time. Before I read about Brian Robben’s how to Research the Romance didn’t think there was a way as a romance that was stuck in a rut. Have you always wondered how would make your partner be more romantically involved with you?

Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find that there are strategies that you can apply to help you become not only romantic but passionate towards your spouse.

The secrets were long hidden until I watched two videos on spark the romance. They made all the difference in my life and I think it is high time I shared my experiences with you first.

My relationship was in the plateau phase; it wasn’t growing, just stagnant. I had no idea what I needed to buy to ignite the spark of our once fairy tale relationship. I was aghast and depressed. From the reviews I made, there were immense tricks, ideas, tips and to get the flame burning once again.

If your relationship has been on the rocks for some time, there is a chance to revamp your love through the program How to Research the Romance.

Respark the Romance Program

Areas of focus

According to Brian, the important aspects of the program include:

  • Seduction strategies and techniques
  • Manipulation

You will find that the average programs you come across online are pure gimmicks whose sole aim is to mint money while providing you with ideas that don’t work. In essence, you will need ideas that work, proven through practical aspects.

Don’t fall for even one single scam and this is the reason why we have this review of Brian’s program.

In understanding the science of falling in love, you will be able to know what goes on in the minds of both sexes. Not only do the minds react differently to both men and women, but you will also find that the expectations also differ.

Until such a time you appreciate the differences between and understand them, you will not be able to revive the lost romance in your relationship.

The program is a whole 120-page book that is divided into 2 distinct parts. As we dissect the parts of this book, you will begin to appreciate how Brian has designed the program to help you in romantic woes.

Romance building

Two of the key ingredients of any relationship are passion and romance. What this basically means is that they are some cornerstones of love.

Passionate love is the type you often associate with the beginning of a relationship when you feel intense emotion toward the other person as well as strong sexual attraction. It seems like you can’t stop thinking about that person, and you want to be near them all the time. You talk for hours because you want to know everything about them.

There are downsides to passionate love. You can idealize a partner that you are passionately in love with, turning a blind eye to red flags. You can also idealize the relationship itself, believing that it’s perfect and you are soul mates. That leaves you open to disappointment when the passion does begin to fade. Remember that in relationships as in life, the greatest rewards come from staying committed and doing the work.

Love and relationships fulfill many of the six human needs, such as significance, variety, and giving. They’re exciting and inspiring, and they make life interesting. Passion in a relationship contributes to greater fulfillment – both in and out of the bedroom – as well as happiness and well-being. It can even predict relationship success.

As Tony says, “The quality of your life equals the quality of your relationships.” Wouldn’t you rather have a deep, passionate love than something that feels more like friendship?

While companionate love is also important to a successful, long-term partnership, the bottom line is that life is too short to live a single moment without passion – especially in your relationship.

It is hardly possible that you can have both of them unless you cultivate them at a certain point. The strategies that Brian proposes are based on two other things, i.e:

  • Emotional hunger
  • Emotional turbulence

If you have a grasp of how a man falls in love, you will appreciate the role of these two aspects. The above two contribute to the deep falling in love that happens when you fall in love for the first time.

However, as with many other relationship issues, women commit some relationship blunders which prevent men from falling in love like day one. All is not lost though as the program is designed to help you work out your relationship and get back your groove, so to speak.

The second part of the program addresses the very vital aspects of relationships that one must know, whether you are a man or woman.

One question that Brian’s program addresses are the need to keep the relationship going strong despite the potential setbacks. It is possible to apply psychological tricks to help revive the romance that has been literally dead.

Many who seek help from the program are concerned by the age difference between them and their loved ones. One interesting thing is that if the tricks as proposed by the program are applied as intended, then it is possible to have the positive results that you expect. You do not have to mind the age as this strategy is tried and tested for every age.

This program works efficiently, helping very many people to fall in love once again. Brian Robben has a long experience in issues of romance. He comes with fresh insights into the whole idea of falling in love.

The concept of the Emotional Turbulence Formula owes its origin to this program. It targets various issues which influence the whole idea of falling in love:

  • Stimulating the pleasure hormones
  • Exciting the brain chemicals
  • Causing the other person starts to fall in love again

The whole idea of falling in love is an inherently hormonal thing. The main hormones which affect our love for each other are:

  1. Oxytocin: Oxytocin is a hormone produced by the hypothalamus and secreted by the pituitary gland. This important hormone plays a crucial role in the childbirth process and also helps with male reproduction. Understanding oxytocin will help you take better care of your health and lead you toward a better understanding of how your body functions. In women, oxytocin is responsible for signaling contractions of the womb during labor. The hormone stimulates the uterine muscles to contract, so labor begins. It also increases the production of prostaglandins, which move labor along and increase the contractions even more. Because of this effect, synthetic oxytocin (Pitocin) is sometimes used to induce a woman to start labor if she cannot start naturally, or it can be given to make contractions stronger if a woman’s labor is slowing. Once the baby is born, oxytocin promotes lactation by moving the milk into the breast. When the baby sucks at the mother’s breast, oxytocin secretion causes the milk to release so the baby can feed. At the same time, oxytocin is released into the brain to stimulate further oxytocin production. Once the baby stops feeding, the production of the hormone stops until the next feeding Serotonin: Serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter, a type of chemical that helps relay signals from one area of the brain to another. Although serotonin is manufactured in the brain, where it performs its primary functions, some 90% of our serotonin supply is found in the digestive tract and in blood platelets.

    How is serotonin made?

  2. Serotonin is made via a unique biochemical conversion process. It begins with tryptophan, a building block to proteins. Cells that make serotonin use tryptophan hydroxylase, a chemical reactor that, when combined with tryptophan, forms 5-hydroxytryptamine, otherwise known as serotonin.
  3. Dopamine: In popular culture and media, dopamine is often portrayed as the main chemical of pleasure, but the current opinion in pharmacology is that dopamine instead confers motivational salience. In other words, dopamine signals the perceived motivational prominence (i.e., the desirability or aversiveness) of an outcome, which in turn propels the organism’s behavior toward or away from achieving that outcome. Outside the central nervous system, dopamine functions primarily as a local paracrine messenger. In blood vessels, it inhibits norepinephrine release and acts as a vasodilator (at normal concentrations). In the kidneys, it increases sodium excretion and urine output; in the pancreas, it reduces insulin production; in the digestive system, it reduces gastrointestinal motility and protects intestinal mucosa. And in the immune system, it reduces the activity of lymphocytes. If you are not able to excite the hormones so as to excite the desired responses, you will not be able to fall in love. The aim of this program is to guide you towards eliciting the desired chemical responses to the person you want to fall in love with.

The authenticity claims of the program

There has been a need to set the record straight on the person of Brian Robbens. He is a romance and relationship counselor and a best-selling author who is even published on Amazon. He can easily be confused with  Brian Robbins who is an American film director. Though their careers are quite difficult to verify his identity since we do not have a public figure going by the same name.

Unless the identity issue is addressed as it is supposed to be, then the whole program might remain in a state of jeopardy. Due to increasing cases of scams online, identity claims should be resolved so that the users can restore confidence in the product.

Otherwise, as it remains, the content of the program is hazy and at worst, respective. Beyond the foreword, the Emotional Turbulence formula, there is over usage of some words like’ big huge mistakes’. The words are tautological, further casting a dark shadow on the authenticity of the claims made in the program.

The part on the ‘5 steps is also confusing since there are really no steps points that do flow from one to the other. There are 5 techniques that detail how one could use to stimulate the pleasure hormones for one to fall in love.

The other interesting topics that you will find in the second part of the program are:

  • Developing a romantic mindset
  • Ebbs of everlasting love
  • Romance recipe
  • Solutions for stale romance
  • Romance for people over 40 years of age

If you are keen to rekindle your love and bring back the warmth in your love nest, the program is the right one for you.

Packaging and pricing details

As we noted at the beginning of this review, the program targets both men and women. If   you are a man, the package details are as follows:

  • E-Book on helping Research  the Romance
  • The sexual Black Book e-report
  • The 10 steps on the sexual appeal checklist
  • The 5-step awakening  guide  to her natural sweet spot and e-manual

If you have $47, you will have access to the eBook, which will help you get the right information that you need to start a life.

As women, there is a package that improves on the following areas:

  • The Research the  Romance e-book exclusive
  • The Romantic Black Book  e-report
  • The Passion secret  Notebook  e-manual
  • Enchantment Report  that is advanced

For men and women who have lost the sparkle in their relationship, the program will greatly help renew the vows that you made when you started out. If only there are new and refreshing ways in which this program could be executed. Unfortunately, there has been a controversy that has surrounded it right from the onset.

The author should end the mystery surrounding his identity. That way, people who want to use the product can use the product with renewed confidence. The credibility of the program remains shady and this is the reason why we have this review.

In fact one of the reasons why we have the program has not peaked is because there are a number of issues that remain unresolved.

The following remain some burning issues that are yet to be resolved:

If indeed the author of the program is as well established as he claims to be, why has he persistently concealed his identity?  We would expect that such a person would be willing to come out and reveal his identity. This way, the users of the program will not have their lives put at risk.

The customer support seems to be very silent in the sense that should one encounter any problem with the system, there will be no support offered. There are few such programs that I have encountered which lack the customer support

When I downloaded the program from the author’s site has encountered a hitch and tried to seek help to no avail. The issue of payment remains unresolved I was not fully convinced by the phenomenal claim the product makes.

Everything positive thing about the program is washed off by the negative image that hangs loosely around it like a dark cloud.

Of course, there are a few positive things that you will find in it. It is only fair to give it credit where it is due. The program has useful tips, tricks, and ideas to help jumpstart a relationship that is on a downward trend.

The fact that it is not compelling allows other competing products to take over, offering sound alternatives.

Respark The Romance Program


Despite the issue surrounding the author, you will still find some good things about the program.

  • The comprehensive-the program is very well-detailed, offering incisive and researched ideas to help you bring back the lost romance.
  • This program is very actionable in every sense of the word. The steps given are easy to carry out practically and see results.
  • It is gender-balanced, offering a uniform approach to issues affecting both men and women. The special focus on women is a plus.
  • Most of the points raised in the program are purely scientific
  • The 60-day money-back guarantee is reassuring, hence the need to use it without fear of losing your money.
  • There are bonuses over and above the Research  The Romance Program


It is not all glory for the program. We have seen so many other challenges affecting the program. The additional ones are:

  • The proposal to use the texting service to win back your love is an anti-climax
  • The program has deliberately left out lesbians, yet they are in relationships as well.
  • It is an online system, meaning that you will not find a hard copy in the store near you.


This program is for people who are looking to build a romance that has ebbed away over the years.  Though there are issues surrounding it, it is well structured to help people of any age. And for this reason, would recommend it to you.

“To love is to burn, to be on fire.” – Jane Austen

Click to learn How To Respark The Romance and watch your relationship transform before your eyes!

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  • Maggie A. Loudermilk says:

    Being in a 10 year relationship, we sometimes have fights and all that leads to both of us being cold to each other. We sometimes think that being in this long enough we are not happy anymore and that it may lead us to separate paths. After reading this, we both realized that we are lacking things that we used to do when we we’re just starting with the relationship. Thank you for coming up with this idea. It really helps couples going to some problems.

  • Amanda says:

    I think my husband is cheating because he always has this cold attitude towards me. But I never found a proof to that. Maybe what we lack is time and something to bring that old glory days of our love to each other. With this, I now have an idea to make him go nuts over me again! I am taking your advice!

  • Anderson says:

    I and my ex-boyfriend patched things up and are now dating again. We were separated for little more than 7 years, and you can only imagine the passion and romance when we made up. But after a while, that passion cooled, and romance disappeared. I will try to reignite the passion with your advice because I don’t want to lose him again.

  • Nikki says:

    The best thing with this is the way you get to learn what men want and how you can keep the love-life ticking and breathing. Loved it and has made me and my Boyfriend been tied into a love knot so sweet!

  • Edward says:

    A product for men and women, respectively, which aims to reignite the passion within a relationship that fell stagnant and uninspired.

  • Sharon says:

    From quite some time I used to feel like the romance between me and my boyfriend was at the verge of dying. I’m glad that I found this book, and now we are back into a very healthy and romantic relationship.

  • Marissa J. says:

    It’s tough to keep the romance going when life gets in the way. You get distracted and fail to notice that the lack of romance is affecting your relationship. This program shows you how to simply and quickly get back on track. If your partner is not the romantic type this program shows you to change that.

  • Tommy M. Rodriquez says:

    Good work. We had stayed with my wife for a long time without any good sex or romance at all. I was feeling so bad that we could not get back that fire that was there when we were dating first time or immediately after marriage. I decided to source for something that would help out and i came across this guide. Trust me it works perfectly.

  • Designer says:

    How to Respark the Romance best can be described as a step by step program. A program through which you will be provided with tips, insights as well as strategies that have been proven to assist in rekindling of the love and passion in your relationship.

  • Thelma Hazlewood says:

    These might prove helpful at first but are not really able to fix the problem. The result hence will not lead to a healthy and happy relationship in the long-run.

  • James Clay says:

    With the help of the program, it is certainly will be within you to cause your partner to fall in love with you all over again. It does not matter how old you are or the period for which you have been in a relationship.

  • Nicholas Oliver says:

    It outlines the factors affecting the interests of a man or a woman in their partners. It also guides you on what to do to keep the passion burning and refuel it as necessary.

  • Carin says:

    This program allows you to hear what it is like from the other side, from your mates perspective. Any confusion is erased because you are hearing your mate’s side from someone other than your mate.

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