Magnetic Messaging Review: Are You Texting The Right Messages?

Often at times, you are at a bar and see a cute girl smiling at you. You approach her, and after a few drinks she hands her number over to you on a piece of paper. Everything seems to be going smooth, however, she stops responding after a few days.

Magnetic Messaging Review

Does this usually happen to you? Chances are that you are pushing women away unknowingly, by employing poor text messaging techniques.

Just like you, I had the same problems. No matter what I did, it always seemed impossible to get women to talk to me over text messages. Almost all of them stopped replying to some messages. And I’d feel miserable, every single time.

Magnetic Messaging Review

Being extremely desperate to find out what was wrong, I used to spend hours on the internet looking for conversation tips. On one lucky day, I ended up on a relationship advice blog. On that blog, I read a few customer reviews that were referring to a guide called Magnetic Messaging. I was reluctant at first,

I was reluctant at first, after all, I had never used such guides before. However, then I read a number of people talking about it on another relationship forum. All of them claimed to have learned the art of text messaging with women.

This left me extremely curious and so I knew that I had to buy it for myself. Considering the affordability of this guide, I got it without wasting a second thought.

And within a month, my inbox was full of text messages from hot women. My phone would beep ten times in a single minute (no I’m not kidding)! It seemed like I was not repelling girls anymore. Finally, I could say that I had learned the art of text messaging with women too!

And so this is what I’m writing this review for! Because I’ve personally been through the same issues as you, I want to help you with all my heart. Pretty much the same way I myself discovered it i.e. from other customer reviews.

What is Magnetic Messaging?

Magnetic messaging is an ebook program that offers you great insight into the art of text messaging, in order to make a girl fall in love with you.

Magnetic Messaging Review What is it?

By using the techniques mentioned in this book, you will easily make it to any woman’s bed within a week. Soon, your friends will think of you as a woman magnet! After all, this is all that magnetic messaging aims to teach you.

One of the major reasons why this guide worked for me was, that I followed each and every tip seriously and with full faith. So in case you want to change your sex life for good, or your love life as a whole, you’ve got to take all the advice in this e-book seriously.

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Contents of Magnetic Messaging

Magnetic Messaging is one of the most widely acclaimed guides in the market today, and its popularity is continuously on the rise! You would certainly want to know what the contents of this ‘magical’ guide are, wouldn’t you? I knew it!

Module 1: The Principles of Phone Game

This module gets you started with the basic principles of text messaging, without getting on the woman’s head! It is important to understand ways of effective communication here, and this is exactly what this module will teach you.

The tips are explained to the point, yet they cover a wide range of situations where we men often go wrong. For instance, the authors of this book focus on three major aspects of text messaging in this module i.e. sparking emotions, making a connection, and sustaining it.

The Principles of Phone Game

Moreover, the authors also discuss common errors such as small talks, unnecessary explanations, and other similar things that can turn her off.

Module 2: Pre-dating phase

This module covers the phase when you are just friends with the woman that you wish to date. This point is always the base, on which you have to build yourself further. So be very careful at this stage.

This module clears a number of misconceptions. For instance, you would have heard as they say: wait at least 3 days before replying to a woman. The authors debunk this rule and offer a 2-day waiting rule instead which is psychologically proven to be more accurate.

While a lot of tips in this section might sound controversial to you, but trust me it works! There is a reason why most people are not successful with women so often, and that is because they lack confidence in acting on such tips.

Through this psychologically triggering tips, you will be able to convince the woman for a meet up quite easily.

Module 3: When you just started dating her

By the time you are done with module 2, there is a 99% chance that the girl would have fallen for you. Hence, this is the time to ask her out with complete certainty that she will say yes!

When you just started dating her

Once you’ve started dating, your course of text messaging should take a different turn. At this point, most of your focus should be on developing a deeper connection and trust, which will finally allow you to get with her in the bed.

At this point, those men who do not have enough guidance often ruin everything either by taking their relationship too fast or too slow. However, for as long as you are following this guide, you need not to worry!

Another fascinating subject that this module touch is the art of texting after sex.

Magnetic Messaging Review: Are You Texting The Right Messages?

I can guarantee you that this e-book can get you laid if you want to. So you’ve got laid, you’ve had a great night, now what? After this point, you must add some important measures to your style of text messaging.

Right after the first night of sex, it is important to make the woman feel like sex is not all that you want. Those guys who fail to do this, often lose trust and rapport. However, this module will tell you how to sustain it!

Apart from that, this module will also tell you tips on how to praise the woman without looking like a desperate loser. Trust me, many men do not know how to praise women. Even I did not know, back then.

After this module, you would have removed the awkwardness in your relationship altogether. Hence, you can move forward to developing a deeper, and open connection.

Part 4: Final touches

This final part of the book simply tells you ways of messaging that can make the woman get hooked to you forever. After this module, you will turn into a wizard of words. You could convince her for sexting, or even to send you erotic pictures of herself. How cool is that now?

Magnetic Messaging final touches

Apart from some general tips regarding increased humor, flirting, and being witty, this module contains another interesting section. It is about, sexting!

Yes, you read that right! This e-book also offers you great insight into sexting, hence adding greater excitement in between you two.

As far as sexting is concerned, most men find it difficult to begin. This is where this section will help you out. Through simple flirting texts, you can set the stage for a great sexting session all through some typos and double meaning words. This is a naughty yet fun way to turn a woman on!

What are the benefits of this guide?

Case Studies

One of the best things about this guide is that it offers you a number of text messaging case studies. After seeing these, you will easily be able to apply your knowledge to real-life situations. Moreover, it will also allow you to relate better hence allowing you to plan out your relationship goals with any woman you wish to.

Diverse situations

This guide covers every single situation and outcome. For each one of those, it offers you a valid response hence increasing your chances of scoring. These situations might include no replies, lame excuses for not meeting up, ignoring, etc.


Unlike most other guides on the internet, this e-book is easy to follow and it is written in a simple language. Moreover, it is highly informative in a funny way without any fluff content.


Well, it even offers you some bonus material: 99 Best Texts of All Time. It is more like a directory of text messages that you can use to spark up an interesting conversation, or simply to send when you’ve run out of responses/ideas.


In conclusion, Magnetic Messaging is an extremely effective e-book that can totally step up your text messaging game from 0 to 10.

After applying the tips mentioned in this book, you will be scoring dates like never before. Moreover, you will easily be able to convince women for sex, sexting, or to send you erotic pictures/videos of themselves.

As I’ve mentioned in the benefits section, this book is extremely easy to follow and contains a number of interesting illustrations. Hence, even those who do not have English as their mother tongue can easily understand it.

Magnetic Messaging is an extremely effective e-book

Considering the readability, effectiveness, and quality of the content in this e-book, I give it a rating of 9.9/19!

Start Using Magnetic Messaging In Your Life Today, And Become A Magnet For Hot Chicks Whenever You Message Them!

4.9/5 - (18 votes)
  • Buzzard says:

    Who knew that texting could be so much fun? And so effective in organizing your love-life, I must admit 😉

  • Edna Jarvis says:

    Nobody needed the Magnetic Messaging more than me. I used to have no idea what to type in a message, I was okay with face to face conversations. but this digital route was so difficult for me. My last relationship saw a really bad phase because of my lack of interest and skills in texting. Now all is good, I have a healthy relationship and I can’t be happier!

  • Dana Davis says:

    I gifted it to my best friend to get him out of his friendzone with a girl he liked. Well, it worked pretty fine for them. Highly recommended.

  • Jeffrey A. says:

    Communication is key to a successful relationship and there is definitely a right and wrong way to go about doing it. This book is great because it breaks out the communication tips based on the different stages of a relationship. It also helps that the book focuses on text communication as this has become the primary form of communication.

  • Paula says:

    No one knows more than the one that receives messages and we women love it the way this guide has portrayed and that is why a lot of men are going to benefit from this awesome guide. This is a serious hack to our heart and our body though!

  • Irene Engle says:

    It just happens so that messaging is our way of communicating nowadays and I’m so happy that my BF had gone through this course before he met me!

  • Ricky Spencer says:

    Magnetic Messaging says it can win a girl over with just 3 texts. The dating game has changed a lot in recent years, and now a lot of contact is made with text messaging. It’s the way to flirt, make plans, and even make moves. If you’re not savvy with what you say, and you don’t know what to thumb into your phone to make things work in your favor, you’re probably need this program,

  • Jesus says:

    The system is pretty good in that it will spark your creative juices, and allow you to construct your own, customized messages all under the guidelines of what they suggest.

  • Earl Lewis says:

    You’re going to have to put your own personality into this, as it’s not just a matter of copying what they say word for word. It’s the guideline and the theory behind why you’re sending a specific text – or not sending a text that you normally would – that is the real gold here.

  • Robert says:

    You really don’t have anything to lose, as it’s not going to make you any worse off than you are now when it comes to interacting with the fairer sex. It should give you enough self esteem to ask out more women, increasing your social life as well as your love life.

  • Arthur says:

    Magnetic Messaging gives you the tools to be so different and exciting that girls will stop everything else going on in their day to text you back.

  • Diana Martinez says:

    The sections of the book gives you tips for every conceivable scenario when texting a girl and possible responses you might or might not get. Therefore, you no longer have an excuse for slipping up when you meet a girl you like.

  • Diana Martinez says:

    A little humor, a touch of sensitivity and a good messaging phone plan is also an important key in getting that date and keeping the girl.

  • Kristi Keller says:

    The intent is clear on what you need to know to be in a position to fulfill the woman’s emotional need. The Magnetic Messaging system is not complicated at all and can be easily read and applied almost immediately.

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