Obsession Phrases Review: What Makes Him Truly Obsessed With You?

A month ago, something strange and unexpected happened at a house party thrown by my friend, Dan. I met an old acquaintance of mine, Emma. I met her after 3 years and remembered her as a shy timid girl who used to hardly talk to anyone.

In college times, we all tried to cool down her social awkwardness many a time but she liked to be in her own small world. So when I talked to her the other day, I realized she is dating my friend, Dan. I couldn’t believe it. Dan is famous for being a playboy and having new hot chic blonde in his arms every other day.

But I got to know that he is seriously dating Emma. After looking at her, no wonder, he was so mad about her. I was seriously impressed by her personal development efforts.

After talking to her more, I couldn’t resist but asked her the secret of her ‘evolution’. Without hesitating, she told me that a book has done wonders for her. I couldn’t digest that- a book? Yes, exactly! You read it right. A book named Obsession Phrases by Kelsey Diamond is the reason for her magical transformation.

The author is a dating expert who has taught a few important and interesting emotion triggering phrases in this book. She claims to have spent about three years in researching and learning about these by hypnosis coaches and experts in the same field. Let’s review the book.

What are obsession phrases?

Many women dress perfectly and look pretty to make a man fall for her. But they realize it is not enough to convince a guy. They miss a very essential and basic element while talking to the- emotion.  You will strike the right chord if you connect emotionally with a man.

Many women know the right thing to say in any given situation but they don’t choose the correct tone or words. Emotional sense is as important as a logical sense for a powerful conversation.

You will realize that some words are so magical that they intensify the feelings of interest, desire, and attraction in the other person. Such words are called Obsession phrases which can make a body buzz.

Obsession Phrases What are obsession phrases

The book overview

Men are emotionally complex as women. They don’t emote quite openly but it doesn’t mean they don’t feel anything. Hence, you can win them over by connecting emotionally. Obsession Phrases is an assistance guide which uncovers perfect phrases to be used on men to make them fall for you hopelessly.

The instructions and tips tell a woman what exactly the right thing to say in different situations and as a result, he will go crazy for her. Relationships are not simple. Showing affection, concern, loving nature, romance, and seduction are part of it. The good news is that there are phrases which will work in every aspect of the relationship.

The book overview

This book will bring out simple tricks to handle each situation at the best by making you learn some key vocabulary. This includes typical phrases which will create strong attraction and your actions won’t even look plastic.

This will bring you closer to the man by just triggering the right emotions in him. Later on, it will inspire feelings of commitment and love in him. This book is meant for single women, married, in a relationship and even the ones who want the exes back in their lives.

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The Content Overview:

Kelsey Diamond has divided the content into different sections:

The Content Overview:

1: This part of the book teaches women how to be attractive to men.

2: All about the sexual boundaries for women

3 and 4: Here you will discover techniques to make a man quit watching pornography and be interested in you all the time.

5: Specific tricks to gain your man’s full attention

6: How to increase his desire for you?

7 and 8: The action plans if you are getting friend zoned

9: Useful tips to remodel yourself in ‘woman of his dreams’

10: This section teaches you some compelling sexual techniques and will make you learn to handle objections gracefully.

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What are the magical phrases?

Sometimes you need to walk an extra mile to get your man completely hooked for you.  The specially crafted emotional triggers will make your man deeply interested in you, no matter what distractions he has around him. Here are a few examples:

Attraction Spinners

Some men may feel bothering you by bringing out physical intimacy talk. They get concerned if touching makes you uncomfortable. In such cases, if you want the physical relationship to be improved, take the matter in your hands.

Put him at ease and make him feel that you desire him as well. Phrases like ‘I want you’ will work as a perfect trigger and make him want you every day.

Secret Obsession Phrases

Sometimes you need to boost a man’s confidence when he is trying to be romantic. He might look bit awkward and unsure but you can make him feel better by ensuring that his game is on track. You reacting over his clumsiness won’t help in the situation. Saying ‘I love it when you do that’ when he is making an effort will do wonders.

Monogamy Awakener

If a man is getting serious, he would feel protective for you. You need to reciprocate the feeling by appreciating and saying ‘You make me feel safe’. It is one the best things a man wants to hear from his love interest. By saying this, you will be making him feel strong and macho. Eventually, the security takes him down the road of commitment with you.

Obsession Phrases Monogamy Awakener

Razzle Dazzle Awakener

Men are aware that women get attracted to a well-toned and maintained body. Even if even your man hasn’t been to a gym in months or years, asking him ‘Have you been working out?’ shows you have been noticing him and impressed by his looks. He won’t get any peace without talking to you.

Everlasting Attraction Phrase

If your man has some kind of inferiority complex or is little obsessive for you, then assure him that you are only his soul mate. The simple romantic phrase ‘I am your woman’ will make him feel certain about your feelings. His jealousy feelings won’t be a problem any longer for a healthy relationship

There are many other such phrases which will stimulate the emotions of romance, lust, desire, love, and commitment in any budding or dull relationship. You may learn those in Obsession Phrases.

Perks with The Book

You can buy this guide as an e-book in PDF format. The whole package not only has the mentioned learning material but more.

The main manual

This will tell you when and how exactly to use these emotional triggers. This has tips to improve body language to make yourself attractive and confident for men out there. It has described how flirtation methods, sensual looks, and a smile can bring men down to their knees and they won’t resist talking to you.

The Man dictionary

Men are complex to understand. If women are from Venus, Men are from Mars. With this helpful book, you will understand what a man is trying to communicate even when he is not actually talking. You will be able to decipher his subconscious thoughts, body language, and gestures. This is like rocket science made easy.

The Mind Reader Report

Men don’t communicate much with words. You have to understand what’s going in their mind to make your move or communicate with them. This Mind Reader Report has a comprehensive checklist which will tell you all about their feelings when they don’t want to ‘talk about it’.

Obsession Phrases The Mind Reader Report

  • An Audio CD which covers the main course. It is a good option for people who have time constraints and can learn all about the tips on the go.
  • True Love report which has love-struck phases to make a guy fall in love with you.
  • Extreme Case Scenario Turnaround will help to fix and undo the mistakes you made resulting in a damaged relationship.


Kelsey Diamond is so confident about the book that if within 60 days of the purchase, you are not satisfied by the given knowledge, you can claim full money refund with no questions asked policy. It means there is hardly any risk in giving this book a try. This is a big plus for good reviews

Our reviews:

Some women find dating men as little intimidating as they don’t show their feelings so easily. Obsession Phrases is available to help them. It is more than a simple and basic dating advice.

So, if you are looking more than basic stuff, this step by step instructional guide which deals with genuine dating problems and situations, go for it. You will learn how the power seduction, affection and being desired can be boosted with just a few phrases.

The guide helps you know what a man exactly needs to hear. You will use soft skills to win his heart and connect at the mental level.

Obsession Phrases Our reviews

If you want your man to be interested in only you and stop getting attracted to other women, this book is worth a try. It will advise you how proper and effective communication is key to a long-lasting relationship.

If you are finding difficulty in seducing your partner, this relationship manual has really good tips which are very easy to follow. Some chapters really explain well how you can mend a jeopardized relationship with more confident language and communication.

With given 60 days of money back guarantee, I feel you have nothing to lose if you try this program. If you are having a difficult time getting attention from men and current relationship lackluster, Obsession Phrases in highly recommended.

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  • Dion Cross says:

    This was written for me. Great review. Got myself this package. True story: First package I have bought. Been eyeing it for a while then I read this review and I got it. I wish all my intentions were pure. Don’t judge me!

  • Robbinson says:

    Amazing, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before, thank you for sharing! This is quite impressive and will totally give it a shot.

  • Floyd M. Dean says:

    They say that women love with their ears. Turns out that this is quite right for men as well. This thing has been tested on me, that’s why I know haha

  • Rita Velasco says:

    I am such a shy and reserved girl and I used to just love this guy. I thought I could never have him as I had such difficulty talking to guys. But with this product, I learned so much and now that guy is with me!!
    I couldn’t be happier…

  • Arthur Perez says:

    As a man, I can say that this is an excellent book, full of valuable tips and tricks. Most of the stuff would work on me; that much I can admit.

  • Katharine Stamps says:

    My lover can not see anyone other than me and this became possible all because of Obsession Phrases. I would recommend this guide to every girl who wants to impress the man of their dreams.

    • isha says:

      hiii mrs katharine stamps

  • Elva Taylor says:

    My boyfriend used to only play on his xbox and never paid attention to me. Used the tricks on here and bam! The xbox is collecting dust in the corner and I’ve never been happier.

    • Raedene says:

      What did you do? Im in need of help

  • Freddie D. says:

    The best tips and tricks that you will ever think of for a relationship are in this system. I personally feel good to have bought this program. This is because it has taught me so much that i never knew about. It is amazing how the points are presented. Very effective.

  • Lauren G. Goulet says:

    This is it. This is the kind of system that has changed my life in a very dramatic way. It has given me something that i have been looking for. It is easy to understand and once you apply the methods given they work very well.

  • Marsha Lewis says:

    The secret phrases will even make it possible for you to pick any guy of your choice, absolutely anyone. It helps you say what you mean, and how you feel in a way that men can’t help but pay attention to.

  • Randy says:

    The guide also contains an exciting story about how Kelsey herself used words to attract all the men she wanted to. Extensively deals with the male psyche and what attracts it. Must-have for those single ladies who’re having a rough love life.

  • Krystal says:

    You will get the manual right away after paying for it which means that you can start enjoying it soon as possible. You can also expect to start seeing positive results the instant you start putting into practice what you have been taught.

  • Michael Jones says:

    It will literally show you the secrets of those women who, despite not being beauty queens, manage to attract all the male attention. It’s really for everybody, not just single ladies.

  • Rudolf Lambert says:

    The secret to sex appeal is all about creating a chemical response within the brain, and this is what Kelsey Diamond precisely bases her product upon.

    • Shally says:

      Can you please drop your email address,i just need to ask some questions about the book since you’ve already gotten it

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  • Guillermo says:

    With so many proofs of the effectiveness of these phrases, Kelsey went on to spend 3 years in “learning, researching, and collecting every little detail” that made up the whole Obsession Phrases.

  • Marian says:

    He will not imagine having a life without you. Your lives will be intertwined in a manner that you cannot stay apart from each other. Each moment you spend together will be golden and being with you will be heaven to him.

  • Lorenzo says:

    Obsession Phrases make it easier for people with any kind of personality to fix communication in their relationship.

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