The Ultimate Cheat-sheet to Getting a Date

Dear friend, who is trying to get a date, this is not some magic surprise revolutionary thing that will help you get a date instantly. I will attempt to boost your ratings using methods that worked for me. They are outlined in an easy way to understand to make sure that you get them all correctly.


Some may be things that you knew but they were in the back of your mind while you were out there trying crazy ideas that do not work. This is a guide that will help you get the date without making a fool of yourself.

#1 Do Not Use a Pickup Line

For the Greek gods’ sakes, do not use those corny heaven lines on anyone ever. They do not work despite what the romantic comedies you have watched have been showing you. Those things are scripted to be like that…as I was saying, do not use a pick up line. A feeble hello would be infinitely better.

#2 The First Impression

When you are asking a girl to go out with you, do not just walk up to her and blurb out ‘Hey Nancy, wanna go out with me?’ chances are, she will say no if you are that crude. Just start a conversation and do not try too hard to look good.

The Ultimate Cheat-sheet to Getting a Date

You can just be natural and you will get the date anyway. There are a lot of things you can talk about starting with that place in Venezuela where there is constant lightning for almost 10 months in a year etc…

#3 Compliments

Girls are so self-conscious about the way that they look that if you complement them on their dressing, hair, and shoes, they will love you for a few seconds where you will then start the conversation before they fall out of love.

This positive energy should be the driving force that makes you two get together. And oh, before I forget…do not start with a compliment that the words ‘I love your body’ in whatever order, you will come across as a horny risk.


#4 Show Interest

The body posture should be good here. Do not try too hard to suck in your stomach or push out your chest. Am not ripped and I still get dates all the time. The trick is to listen to what they are saying and please understand what the topic is about.

A good listener is always welcome, just take care not to get into the Friendzone (getting out is hard and tedious with a good dose of awkward everywhere).

#5 Dress Decent


The Ultimate Cheat-sheet to Getting a Date


You are going on a date, not the circus so keep the colors a little black or darkish or just blue. That way, you are awesome without being freakish. So, when you get to the date, she will say ‘nice clothes’ and not ‘wow, I love your bright red sweater, it brings out the bright emerald green of your pants…are you gay?’


#6 Do Not Beat Around the Proverbial Bush

Yeah, remember that time in #2 when I said that you should not just blurb out what you want? Well, you should not be skirting around the issue either. You need to be straightforward and confident. After laying the groundwork, suggest a place you think has good food and then ask if she would like some food…etc. Just don’t ruin it okay?

In Conclusion

Did you get how easy that was; you just need confidence but make sure that you just sparkle with it not burst into flame with confidence.

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